UK Listing Information

Key Data

Shares on Issue726,539,856 fully paid ordinary shares
 Options Outstanding41,369,783*
Convertible Notes800
Market Cap
*Options on issue comprise the following classes:
2,500,000 Options exercisable at $0.20 each on or before 11 December 2021; and
38,869,783 Options exercisable at $0.05 on or before 31 July 2022.


 Major Shareholders
ShareholderNumber of Shares% of Issued
Cape Lambert Resources Ltd64,376,6669.62
Exchange Minerals Ltd40,238,1406.01
 Shares Held by Directors
DirectorNumber of Shares
Tony Sage11,154,379
Malcolm Day14,496,951
Kimon GkomoziasNil
Top 20 Shareholders

*Top shareholder report updated on a quarterly basis.

The percentage of securities in public hands (as defined by the NEX Exchange Growth Market Rules for Issuers) is 73.48 per cent. The percentage of securities not in public hands is 26.52 per cent.

European Lithium Limited, NEX Growth Market ticker code is: EUR

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Corporate Advisor 

Contact: +44 (0)207 220 1666
James Joyce
James Sinclair-Ford


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Investor FAQ’s

Shares cannot be purchased directly from the Company. You can buy or sell shares in European Lithium through your bank, stockbroker or financial adviser. European Lithium is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange's Main Market (under the ticker EUR), on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (under the ticker PF8), on the Vienna Stock Exchange (under the ticker ELI), and NEX Exchange Growth Market (under the ticker EUR).
It is possible to subscribe to European Lithium's email alert system by registering via “Get Updates” located on the Company homepage.
The Company’s accounting reference date is 30 June. Interim and annual reports will be published each year for the six months to 31 December and 12 months to 30 June. These will be published on our website under Financial Reports.