IONITY charging European electric highway

Several automakers have teamed up to create the IONITY electric charging network across Europe

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European Union launches battery alliance initiative

Roskill – The battery alliance brings the EU and a suite of largely German firms, including automakers Volkswagen and Daimler, engineering company Siemens, and chemical group BASF together.

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VW to Build Electric Versions of All 300 Models by 2030

Volkswagen AG is putting its full force behind a shift into electric cars as the world’s largest automaker moves away from combustion engines and tries to draw a line under the emissions-cheating scandal that’s weighed on the company for two years.

  • Automaker to offer electric version of all models by 2030
  • CEO Mueller calls transformation of industry ‘unstoppable’

Published on: September 12, 2017, by Christoph Rauwald

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After Dieselgate, VW Presses Search for Batteries


VW reckons there will be a dramatic rise in demand for lithium, the key ingredient in electric car batteries.

Published on: August 11, 2017 12:04 am, by Handelsblatt Global

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Electric vehicle, battery manufacturers looking to invest in lithium mines

Electric vehicle and lithium-ion battery manufacturers are so concerned about securing supply of the battery material they are casting their eye over proposed mines they could invest in, lithium mining executives told a conference in Western Australia.

AFR online
Release date: 7 August 2017
By Tess Ingram

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UK to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2040 in pollution crackdown, reports say

20170726 - Image_UK traffic jam_ABC News

Britain’s Government is set to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040, when all vehicles must be fully electric as part of a plan to clean up air pollution, reports say.

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Interest In Lithium Charging Ahead

Growth in electric vehicles is relentlessly driving interest in lithium. Canaccord Genuity has visited China and met with various members of the supply chain, including lithium converter plants, cobalt salts producers and cathode/anode producers.

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Glencore Says Electric Car Boom Is Coming Faster Than Expected

  • An “electric vehicle revolution is happening,” CEO says
  • European sales of alternative-fuel cars jumped 36% in 1Q

Glencore Plc Chief Executive Officer Ivan Glasenberg said the rise of electric cars will significantly boost demand for minerals including copper and lithium in the coming decades.

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