European Lithium is a listed (ASX: EUR)(FRA: PF8)(OTC: EULIF) mining exploration and development company focusing on its wholly owned Wolfsberg Lithium Project in Austria. We aim to be the first local lithium supplier into an integrated European battery supply chain.

Our Project

Why Lithium?

Lithium is a highly versatile metal that is widely used in glass and ceramic manufacture, aluminium smelting, greases, air treatment, metallurgical powders, polymers and a variety of speciality salts and pharmaceuticals. Lithium is a key component of Li-ion battery chemistry; the dominant rechargeable battery technology.

Latest Lithium News

Huge Rare Earths Discovery is Gamechanger in Americas Trade War with China

June 20th, 2024|

At the height of the American war machine’s realization that China controls nearly all of its raw materials, two new developments in Europe now suggest that the West has a fighting chance to secure critical


The clean energy revolution has created a need to secure lithium supply, a key component in the dominate Li-ion battery space and satisfy growing Global and European demand. Having lagged behind, Europe is now investing billions of Euros to transform its auto industry and become a leader in electrified mobility. European Lithium’s Wolfsberg Lithium Project is in the heart of Europe’s burgeoning cluster of battery manufacturers.


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