Lithium in Europe

On a global basis, China is the largest consumer of lithium with approximately 40% consumption in 2015.
Europe is the second largest with 21%, followed by Japan and South Korea.

European lithium market facts

  • Apart from small Iberian production for local ceramics/glass use, the EU has no internal lithium supply

  • EU is a major importer of lithium consuming 21% of global market (second only to China)

  • Lithium processing sites from imported material in several EU countries

  • A number of lithium battery projects have been announced in Europe which will considerably increase European lithium demand

Why European Lithium?

  • 100% owned, high grade project with mining licence awarded

  • Substantial work performed by previous owners

  • Opportunity to fast track development to meet EU and global demand

  • Close to largest lithium import markets in EU – Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain and the coming battery projects in Hungary, Germany, Sweden and the UK

Lithium Battery Plants In Europe

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