Lithium Batteries

Key drivers for growth in lithium use for lithium ion batteries

  • The lithium ion battery has captured nearly 100% of the portable computer and communications market and gaining share in the consumer electronics market such as power tools.
  • The Tesla/Panasonic lithium ion battery ‘gigafactory’ under construction in Nevada USA will be the world’s largest and most advanced battery factory with forecasts estimating it will increase demand by 9-25,000 tpa LCE. The factory will be completed in 2017 and will produce up-to 500,000 batteries per annum by 2020.
  • Car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Toyota have introduced in 2015 vehicles using lithium ion batteries.
  • China is a growing market for lithium ion batteries with the support of government initiatives such as subsidies of ~$10k for purchases of electronic vehicles.
  • Roskill anticipates that growth in heavy duty storage would increase from 80MWh in 2012 to 20GWh in 2017.

World Market – rechargeable lithium batteries by end-use

Graph_rechargeable lithium BatteriesSource: Roskill Lithium Market Outlook to 2017 12th Edition 2013 (“Roskill 2013”)

LCE in Batteries

Smart phone Laptop Tablet Toyota Prius Tesla Roadster London Bus
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 2-3g 30-40g 20-30g  3.6kg 40kg  200kg