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Die erste Lithium Produktion ist für 2019/20 geplant


These are our current Lithium mining and exploration projects.

Why Lithium?

Lithium is a highly versatile metal that is widely used in glass and ceramic manufacture, aluminium smelting, greases, air treatment, metallurgical powders, polymers and a variety of speciality salts and pharmaceuticals

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Battery Megafactory Forecast: 400% Increase in Capacity to 1 TWh by 2028

November 22nd, 2018|

We are in a lithium-ion revolution... Benchmark Mineral Intelligence forecasts that we will see a 399% increase in lithium-ion battery production capacity over the next decade – enough to pass the impressive 1 TWh milestone.


Our focus is the Wolfsberg Lithium Project located 270km SW of Vienna, in Carinthia, Austria. Wolfsberg is a hard rock lithium deposit with historical exploration, it is well located to service European lithium consumers and close to road and rail infrastructure.

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